FAQ #9: Should I Refuse a Breathalyzer Test?

Imagine you're still out in your car and you've just been pulled over by the police. If he wants you to blow into this tube out of this little machine he yanked out of the trunk of his car, you can refuse that test. And it's my recommendation that you do. It's called the preliminary alcohol screening test. And you are not legally required to do it.

You can still be arrested for DUI even if you do not participate in field sobriety tests based on other factors. However, when we do get to court, they will not have those results to be used against you. If you have received the admonition regarding implied consent, you must take the test that's being offered. Otherwise, you will be treated as a DUI refusal.

If you've been arrested and you think you've made the wrong choice regarding testing, call me. Call and get the answers to your questions. There are things if we can get out ahead of it that can help you.

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