Is December The Most Common Month for DUI Arrests?

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The many holidays that occur in December make it one of the most common times of year for DUI. But does the end of the year result in the highest number of DUI arrests? Our attorneys at Newman & Allen explain seasonal DUI trends to be aware of.

When DUI is Most Common

There is no clear, consistent answer for which month results in the most DUI arrests each year. However, winter holidays are the main reason why December may be the biggest month for DUI incidents each year. There are numerous holidays that fall between December 1st and 31st. Holiday celebrations often involve alcohol, which directly lead to an increase in drunk driving. In fact, New Year’s Eve is often thought of to be the biggest night for DUI of the entire year.

Other than December, the summertime is the most common time for DUI arrests. Like in the winter, there are numerous summertime holidays that involve drinking like Independence Day and Labor Day. In fact, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is referred to as the 100 deadliest days due to a high number of drunk driving cases and accidents.

Staying Safe on the Roads This Month

Drinking and driving results in thousands of arrests and accidents each year. Protect yourself, your health, and your future by making safe choices this winter. If you’ve had alcohol or taken drugs

DUI Defense in California

If you are one of the hundreds of drivers charged with DUI this winter holiday season, Newman & Allen is here for you. We can help you fight your case and get your New Year back on the right track. Once we learn the details of your stop and arrest, we can get started working on the best possible defense strategy. Speak with our team today, call (909) 328-6101.

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