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DUI Penalties Can Increase Thanks to These 5 Things
DUI Penalties Can Increase Thanks to These 5 Things

Any driving under the influence (DUI) arrest in California can carry some significant penalties for an alleged offender. Still, there are certain cases where specific factors can enhance the potential penalties associated with the alleged offense. Any person arrested for DUI ...

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  • 3 Things You Need to Know About DUIs Before the Holidays

    As the holidays approach and you head out for a night of partying, it is crucial to keep California DUI laws in mind. Therefore, here are three things ...

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  • Physical Control & California DUIs

    Most of us know that DUI stands for driving under the influence . A .08% blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, is the legal standard for being impaired ...

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  • Can Passengers Face Charges During a DUI?

    After a night out, a group of friends is pulled over by an officer because the driver was swerving. It doesn’t take long for the cop to test and ...

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  • 3 Lies Police Officers Can Tell You at a DUI Checkpoint

    DUI checkpoints can be intimidating and confusing, which makes it difficult to remember your rights in these situations. This confusion also makes it ...

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  • Open Container Laws in California

    Open Container Laws in California Under the California Vehicle Code (VC) Sections 23221 - 23229, it is illegal to travel with open containers of ...

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  • Are Breathalyzers Always Accurate?

    In Rancho Cucamonga, California, a police officer can pull you over when you’re driving if they have probable cause. This can include anything ranging ...

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  • Mythbusters: DUI Checkpoints

    DUI checkpoints, otherwise known as sobriety checkpoints, are set up by law enforcement officers to check drivers for signs of intoxication and to ...

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  • Does Anyone Actually Drive Better While Drunk?

    Many people admit that their “drunk” selves are prone to make poor choices that their sober selves would never make. However, it seems like for every ...

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  • Can a Passenger Face Charges in a DUI Arrest?

    As a passenger in a vehicle, you cannot be charged for a DUI, as the acronym stands for “driving under the influence.” However, there are situations ...

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