Case Results

Any legal matter can have substantial ramifications on the lives of those involved. Recognizing this, our Rancho Cucamonga lawyers invest the time and energy it takes to get results. Whether we’re handling a criminal, family, employment, or personal injury law matter, we listen to our clients and work toward achieving their goals. Read about the favorable results we’ve achieved in the past below. For the legal representation you need, call us at (909) 328-6101 or contact us online today.

  • Case Dismissed
    Accused of Crime
  • Case Dismissed
    Child Abuse Allegations
    Obtained dismissal of fabricated child abuse allegations by troubled teenage daughter.
  • All Charges Dismissed
    Child Abuse Allegations & Domestic Violence Restraining Order

    Client released from jail after 60 days and all charges dismissed following false allegations (by bitter cheating ex-wife) of child sexual abuse and denial of domestic violence restraining order.

  • Record Expunged
    Criminal Case on Record
  • Case Dismissed
    Criminal Charges
  • Military Diversion Program
    DUI Arrest
    Combat veteran released from custody and allowed to enter Military Diversion following DUI arrest with dismissal upon successful completion. He had been in custody for about 2 months thanks to another lawyer and we got him out at our first court appearance.
  • Pre-Filing Diversion Obtained
    Felony Assault Allegation
    Our firm represented a juvenile in allegation of felony assault. We were able to get him pre-filing diversion through his school district.
  • Reduced to Misdemeanor
    Felony Charges
  • Case Dismissed
    Felony Child Abuse
    Mom has felony child abuse charges dismissed.
  • Acquitted at Jury Trial
    Felony Vandalism & Child Endangerment Allegations
    Client acquitted at jury trial of felony vandalism and child endangerment allegations.
  • Case Dismissed
    Misdemeanor Charges
  • All Charges Dismissed
    Narcotics Trafficking
    Client released from custody after we proved DA arrested wrong person. All charges were dismissed and DACA status restored. Had our client been found guilty, he would have received a 13 year sentence for narcotics trafficking.
  • Case Dismissed
    Rape Allegations
    Client represented during police investigation after being accused of rape by a very religious ex-girlfriend. DA rejected prosecution after allegations proven false based off illicit videos showing consensual sexual relations.
  • Dismissed
    Red Light Ticket