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False Allegations with Real Consequences: A Look at Domestic Violence
False Allegations with Real Consequences: A Look at Domestic Violence

No matter which way you look at it, domestic violence is a serious crime. In the internet-driven world that we live in, domestic violence has quickly become one of the most reported crimes in California. Unfortunately, there are countless situations where individuals are ...

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Blog posts in Domestic Violence

  • California Domestic Violence Restraining Orders: What You Need to Know

    Restraining orders are often used to help protect victims from harassment or physical harm. They’re extremely helpful for those who need protection ...

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  • How Domestic Violence Allegations Can Impact Your Life

    ​​A domestic violence allegation has now become an offense that can have far-reaching consequences on not just your home life but also on your ...

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  • The Forms of Domestic Violence

    When people think of domestic violence , they often picture physical abuse. While physical abuse is undoubtedly one form of domestic violence, people ...

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  • Evidence Required for Domestic Violence Arrests

    What makes a viable criminal case? Evidence. The strength of a prosecutor’s case against someone accused of committing a crime comes down to the ...

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  • Why Do People Lie About Domestic Violence?

    Accusations of domestic violence have increased over the last few years, and that’s not a bad thing. Unfortunately, some people are taking advantage ...

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  • Is Sexting Legal?

    It is important to know the law before you send a sexually explicit or suggestive image by phone. If you and the person you are dating are over the ...

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  • FAQ #26: Is Verbal Abuse Domestic Violence?

    California Verbal Abuse Definition When it comes to verbal fights or verbal threats, there is a distinction in the law about what you can say and what ...

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  • FAQ #25: How Much Jail Time Can You Get for Domestic Violence?

    How Many Days in Jail for Domestic Violence? Regardless if this is your 1st offense or if there were serious injuries, the State of California ...

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  • FAQ #24: What is the Difference Between a Domestic Disturbance and Domestic Violence?

    What is Domestic Disturbance in California? A domestic disturbance is when an argument, usually between spouses, significant others, or family, ...

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