FAQ #5: How much is a DUI fine in California?

DUI fines in California are outrageous. The minimum fine is $390, and that doesn't sound as bad. However, every county adds government assessments and penalty assessments to it. Here in San Bernardino County, a $390 fine for a DUI ultimately costs you over $2,000. If you start adding multiple counts, probation violations, or you have other DUI's, the price can go through the roof. This is where it's important to hire a good lawyer. A good lawyer can help you; a good lawyer can find ways to get those fines down. A good lawyer, if they can beat your case, can keep you from having to pay those fines. A good lawyer knows where the problems in the case can be found. If you're going to spend money on your case, spend it on the lawyer, because that's the person who can solve your problem.

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