The Deadliest DUI Holiday

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It's no secret that drunk driving is a severe problem. But despite the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) having numerous campaigns against this dangerous activity each year, the numbers are still alarmingly high.

One thing that stands out among the statistics about drunk driving and Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is how much these numbers increase around national holidays, which account for some of the highest road fatalities each year. What's perhaps even more surprising, though, is which holiday consistently ranks in the top three.

The Lethality of the Fourth of July

If you were to ask anyone on a California street what the deadliest holiday is in terms of DUIs and drunk driving, they might say Christmas or New Year's Eve. That would make sense considering these are somewhat known for having annually increased alcohol sales. However, the Fourth of July ranks higher than both of these.

In California alone, the numbers for 2020 were staggering, primarily since the stay at home order was enforced months prior.

  • California Highway Patrol arrested 738 drunk drivers from late July 3rd through early July 5th.
  • Of the 738 arrests, some of those were surviving drivers that had caused 36 DUI-related crashes and deaths.
  • These numbers are up significantly from last year's numbers involving 589 arrests for driving under the influence and resulting in 12 deaths.

Fourth of July Compared to Other Holiday Fatalities

Comparing the Fourth of July to other well-known drinking holidays, it's alarming how much these numbers increase for this summer day.

  • Christmas 2019 saw ten deaths and 271 DUI-related arrests - a significant decrease from the year prior. However, that's practically a third of the numbers from July 2020.
  • New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2019/2020 saw 1,019 arrests, more than the Fourth of July, but this holiday experienced the same number of deaths - 36.
  • The most lethal holiday last year was Thanksgiving, with 42 deaths. Arrests for DUIs on the Thanksgiving holiday numbered at 860.

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