3 Things You Need to Know About DUIs Before the Holidays


As the holidays approach and you head out for a night of partying, it is crucial to keep California DUI laws in mind. Therefore, here are three things you should keep in mind about DUIs before the holidays.

However, if you run into trouble and face a DUI conviction, you should hire an experienced Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense lawyer to help you with your case.

Passengers Can Face Charges During a DUI Arrest

Did you know that passengers can face charges during a DUI arrest? It’s true that if you are a passenger in a car and you have not had anything to drink, you can still face charges during a DUI arrest for something like drug possession, open container laws, or obstruction of justice.

Therefore, as a passenger, don’t ask any incriminating questions, and never agree to a search.

Police Can Arrest People for DUIs Even if Blood Alcohol Content is Less Than 0.08%

Most people believe a BAC rating of less than 0.08% will protect them from DUI arrests; however, this is not true. Officers can make DUI arrests if they believe drivers are under the influence of drugs or alcohol regardless of their BACs. Therefore, don’t think that having a drink or two means you are in the clear.

DUI Checkpoints are Legal in California

DUI checkpoints are legal in California, and therefore, you must stop at a checkpoint when asked. At these checkpoints, officers check to see if drivers are intoxicated by asking questions and running sobriety tests. These tests are optional, but refusing them can lead to a suspended license.

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