FAQ #20: What Happens When You Get Arrested for a DUI?

After you're arrested the police complete the investigation. That report is then forwarded to the district attorney's office. The district attorney's office can take up to a year to file that case against you. Although you'll feel that something needs to happen immediately, it's actually a hurry up and wait situation. It's going to take months for that. In the meantime, your DMV rights may be impacted with a number of days. The DMV is going to control your licence. They will get almost immediate notification that you've been arrested for a DUI. You will then be put through the criminal justice system where you're going to have an arraignment date.

You're going to have to show up to court. You're going to have to know what to say to the judge. When you're not a lawyer that situation can seem overwhelming particularly in light of everything else that you have to deal with. That's why you want to get with an attorney that you trust and know with our firm initially so we can protect those rights. Take that worry away from you. Give you some reassurance that someone is fighting for you, and putting a case together for you.

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