How Long Does a Drug Crime Stay on Your Record?

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In California, if you received a felony drug charge or conviction, it’s only natural you will want to have it removed from your record at some point. However, it’s not possible for it to truly be completely removed. A felony charge or conviction will stay with you and can significantly impact many aspects of your life, such as your ability to gain certain types of employment and renting an apartment.

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Felony Drug Convictions

In California, a felony drug conviction is a drug-related crime that requires a prison term longer than one year. In some cases, however, a person is sentenced to probation only and doesn’t receive incarceration. Regardless, these are convictions that have severe consequences for the long term and can result in the loss of privileges and civil rights.

How a Drug Charge or Conviction Affects Your Future

Even if your drug charge seems minor, it can still have a considerable impact on your life and future. The consequences can also remain with you for many years. Even with a misdemeanor drug conviction, the ramifications can be serious, depending on the substance. However, crimes involving certain drugs can also automatically result in a felony conviction.

How Long a Drug Felony Stays on Your Record

If you decide you want your drug felony expunged from your record, it’s important to get in touch with an attorney from a firm that specializes in expungement. This is a process that is long and often complex, which means it’s necessary to choose a lawyer who is experienced in that area. Your attorney will ensure that all of your required paperwork is submitted in full and in a timely manner. Choosing the right attorney, specifically, one experienced in expungement, can only help your case and give you the best possible outcome.

Things to Note

Of course, there are always certain exceptions in all cases. It’s important to know that not all felony drug charges or convictions can be expunged. In addition, if you need an expungement of your felony drug conviction, you will want to act quickly as the process can take some time.

You will also want to get in touch with an experienced attorney as soon as possible because the sooner your record is expunged, the better your chances of having your civil rights reinstated. This also means you will have better employment and housing opportunities.

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