FAQ #22: How Much Can You Drink Before Driving?

The law states that once you are deemed to be under the influence in California, there are two different counts that you can receive. You have the first count, which is known as an A count. And this is count means being under the influence, which could be any sign of objectively bad driving, weaving within a lane, speeding, and more.

The second one, which is known as the B count, is when you have too much alcohol. While it's not technically illegal to drink and drive (i.e. you might have one drink and drive home), there are different factors that are going to weigh in. How much do you weigh? What did you drink? How fast did you consume it and then get into your car and drive?

You may have just had that one or two drinks of wine and you drove home when you thought you're okay, and now you find yourself facing arrest. However, there is a potential that you might actually be okay and with our firm, we would be able to tell you whether that is true or not. We can help you get through that situation and we can do it to the way that is the best for your life, your situation, and your job.

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