Why You Shouldn’t Stay Together for the Kids

two kids smiling looking at each other while sitting at home

One of the biggest factors that keep unhappy spouses together is their children. There is a common belief that staying married will be better for the kids in the long run. However, this is not always the case.

Constant Arguing

Not all unhappy marriages are full of arguments, but some are. In these cases, the kids will witness seemingly endless disagreements between their parents. In some situations, these disagreements could escalate to verbal or even physical attacks. This can make the children feel extremely uncomfortable or stuck in the middle.

In cases where domestic abuse is present, it’s especially important to remove yourself and your children from that living situation.

Kids Learn by Example

Even throughout the teenage years, children learn from their parents’ behaviors. What they see serves as a model for what they could expect in the future. If your children witness an unhealthy marriage for years, they may believe that it’s normal, and end up getting into and staying in a similar situation once they are older. They could believe that frequent arguments, lack of communication, or other negative aspects of their parents’ marriage are actually the norm.

Your Happiness Matters Too

Most parents are ready to do just about anything for the benefit of their children. For some, that means spending numerous years in an unhappy marriage. While you may have the parental instinct to put your child’s needs above your own, your marriage is not a place where you should do this. You deserve to be happy and should not put up with a bad situation just for your children. It could be doing more harm than good.

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