What is the Age of Consent in California?

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Age of Consent in California

When it comes to sex crimes, not knowing the age of consent won’t serve as a strong defense. Make sure you know the age of consent before engaging in sexual contact. Age of consent refers to how old an individual must be to legally consent to sexual activity. In some states, the age of consent can be as low as 16 years old.

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California Age of Consent Laws

What Is the Age of Consent in California?

California is one of 11 states where the age of consent is 18 years old. It is illegal for individuals aged 18 years or older to engage in sexual behavior with anyone under 18 years of age. Engaging in sexual intercourse or any other sexual behavior with someone who is under the age of consent can lead to serious criminal consequences.

Statutory Rape in California

Statutory rape is the most common charge for engaging in sexual behavior with a minor. Even if the intercourse was not violent and forceful in nature, the age difference and the participant being a minor can result in rape charges.

Statutory rape is a wobbler offense in California. This means that depending on the circumstances of the offense, it may be a misdemeanor or a felony charge.

Typically, statutory rape becomes a felony when the defendant is over 21 and the victim is under 16 years old.

Penalties for Statutory Rape in California

A felony statutory rape charge can result in:

  • Up to four years incarcerated
  • Up to $25,000 in fines
  • Five years of probation

Not only are these criminal penalties serious, but the effects of a statutory rape conviction can affect numerous other aspects of your life - even after you have served your time.

What Is a Romeo and Juliet Law?

In some states, Romeo and Juliet laws provide exceptions or defenses to statutory rape charges. When an accused person and a victim are close in age, Romeo and Juliet laws usually apply. As a result, these laws are often referred to as "close-in-age exceptions."

If your state has Romeo and Juliet laws, the law may provide several protections for the defendant.

Among these protections are: 

  • Eliminating the statutory rape charges,
  • Getting rid of mandatory sex offender registration,
  • Making the charge a misdemeanor offense instead of a felony 
  • Penalizing statutory rapes less harshly, and
  • Allowing the defendant to seek an expungement. 

The effect of a Romeo and Juliet law varies from state to state. 

Romeo and Juliet Law in California

There is no Romeo and Juliet law in California. There is no age exemption regarding statutory rape or the age of consent. Age of consent applies in every situation. 

Defendants who wish to raise Romeo and Juliet exceptions must meet specific requirements in states with Romeo and Juliet laws.

Specifically, each state's Romeo and Juliet law will describe the conditions that must be met for it to apply. 

Romeo and Juliet law applies in Florida, for example, only in the following circumstances: 

  • The victim was between 14 and 17 years old; 
  • The defendant was no more than four years older than the victim;
  • Sexual activity was willingly undertaken by the victim; and
  • There are no prior sex-offense convictions on the defendant's record. 
  • The defendant can petition to be removed from the Florida sex-offender registry if the above criteria are met. 

Social Consequences of a Sex Crime Conviction

A statutory rape conviction on your record can haunt you.
Additional difficulties you may face as a result of your conviction include:

  • Being a registered sex offender
  • Loss of your job
  • Inability to work in certain career fields
  • Damage to your social relationships
  • Restitution payments in addition to fines

Rancho Cucamonga Sex Crime Defense

It is crucial that you are aware of California laws for underage sex crimes. If you find yourself facing charges of statutory rape, it is crucial that you contact a Rancho Cucamonga sex crime attorney immediately. Fighting a sex crime charge can be an uphill battle, but our team at Newman & Allen has the experience needed to defend you.

When facing statutory rape charges here are the benefits of hiring our firm:

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  • Our legal team can review any evidence that may be used against you and advise you on how best to proceed in court.
  • We can also explain what potential penalties could result from a conviction, such as jail time or fines, and advise on the best course of action for defending yourself during your trial.
  • We will work with prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officials, and other parties involved to advocate for a fair outcome for their client’s case.
  • We can file certain motions in court to exclude and/or suppress evidence in order to have your entire case dismissed
  • We can negotiate a favorable plea agreement with the prosecution to have your charges or sentence reduced
  • We can fight for at trial, if necessary

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