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At Newman & Allen, our attorneys are dedicated to telling our clients' stories and having people listen. Obviously not everyone who is accused of a crime is a bad person even though they are treated that way throughout the criminal justice system. When we are able to present the "whole person" to the District Attorney or Judge hearing the case, amazing things can happen.

The system isn't designed for those who have been accused to catch any breaks by chance. However, when given the chance, there are plenty of District Attorneys and Judges looking to help people willing to help themselves. Making this connection is our goal.

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Our attorneys are skilled at helping those accused of a major crime.

We help defend any case prosecuted in state court, including:

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For 20 years, we have helped build defenses for those accused or arrested for a crime throughout Rancho Cucamonga. Our lawyers have helped many people facing potentially serious consequences by always ensuring that their rights are upheld, no matter what the circumstances.

There are too many pitfalls for the unexperienced to represent themselves. We deal with governmental searches, arrests, jail, and prison on a daily basis - this is serious business. There is no room for mistakes when our attorneys represent people accused of crimes. The consequences can be outrageous and errors in the law or judgement can lead to decades in state prison. Experience matters in this area of the law.

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