FAQ #14: What is Domestic Assault?

Domestic assault is another way of saying domestic violence or domestic battery. A lot of times, you hear assault and batter. And they are very close together. However, there is no actual domestic assault. It's all considered domestic battery or domestic violence. It all depends on the context. When you have a relationship with someone, past or present, and you've done some act of physical violence toward them, or put your hands on them in a way they found offensive, or cause an object to hit them, that's all falling under domestic violence.

If you find yourself in a situation where you've been arrested for domestic violence or domestic assault, you need to contact us immediately. This is a very serious crime, even if it's a misdemeanor. This is because of the potential ramifications that can carry into your personal and professional life. We can help you avoid those kinds of ramifications with the experience of the attorneys at our firm.